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Gin Rummy unlimted resources

Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy unlimted resources
The ever-popular card game comes to Android! Play Gin Rummy against the computer. 5 different computer opponents to choose from, each with their own playing styles and individual strategies. Optimized for various screen sizes so it's fun and easy to play.

- Easy options to sort your cards. Tap the Sort Hand button to sort by Rank, Suit or Meld or you can drag and drop the cards to sort them. Tap “Sort by” to change the sorting method. Auto will sort new cards into your hand automatically.
- 5 Unique Opponents to choose from.
- Play individual matches against your opponents or play a tournament to match your skills against each opponent in turn. See “Game Type” in the Options menu.
- Options for Sound, Deadwood count and more!
- Statistics to track your wins, scores, hand results and more. Filter by opponent and/or by date!
- Pick up an accidental discard if opponent has not acted yet.
- Rating system so you can measure your skills and track your progress.
- Strategy section in Help.
- Smooth gameplay.
- Hours of entertainment!

Gin Rummy is a terrific game that you're sure to enjoy.

* Ad Supported so we can continue to bring you great games for FREE. Permissions are needed for the ads.

** If your device uses the Android 1.5 operating system, you may experience problems with the game freezing or closing. Please email if this occurs.

1) How are the opponents unique?
Each opponent has different strategies and goal. The higher level opponents are more likely to knock, whereas the lower levels prefer to play for gin. Higher level opponents rarely pick up cards from the discard pile to avoid revealing their hand. And just like the real-life pros, the highest level opponents keep track of discards to know which cards are still “live”.

2) Do the opponents cheat?
Absolutely not! They don't get better cards, they can not see your hand. How would that be fun for you, our valued customer?

3) How are the cards dealt?
Cards are dealt randomly, just as if you were using a real deck.

4) So why am I not winning?
Gin Rummy is a complicated game. While easy to learn, it requires a lot of skill and strategy to master. Check out the “Strategy” section under Help for some valuable tips and tricks.

5) But sometimes the opponent knocks right away.
In any card game there is also a lot of luck. If you play for a while, you'll get your share of lucky hands too!

6) Why didn't my game download?
Occasionally there are glitches that interrupt a download and cause it to fail. Usually if you just try again it will work fine. If not, you may want to clear the Market cache by going to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> All -> Market -> Clear Cache AND Force Stop. Then retry the download. If that doesn't work, please send us an email at

Download Link : Link

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Happy Mall Story unlimted resources

Happy Mall Story

Happy Mall Story unlimted resources
Design and build your own dream shopping mall in Happy Mall Story! Unlock unique and cute shoppers to your mall and become the ultimate mall tycoon!

✔ Design your own mall, create new floors and fill it up with shops, special attractions and mall amenities!
✔ Increase Shop Appeal to attract new shoppers. Watch their cute interactions with store owners!
✔ Expand your mall, upgrade stores and services, and invest to earn coins!
✔ Run tours and Fever sales to earn easy money!

✔ FREE to play!

✔ 120+ shops and 30+ shopper types to unlock!

✔ Tip your friends and show off your mall!

✔ Offline! Manage your mall without using up data

✔ Optimized for S3/S4/Note 2/Tab and large screen devices!

*You can pay real money for in-game currency, this can be disabled in Settings.

❤ Write a review to support us!

- Feedback:

❤ Follow us:



Download Link : Link

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Hack Banana Island: Temple Kong Run game

Banana Island: Temple Kong Run

Hack Banana Island: Temple Kong Run game
Have a blast making our crazy monkey friend Bobo run, jump, and swing on vines through the wilderness of Temple Island! If you loved to play “Monkey Kong Run” and “Jungle Run”, new sequel - Banana Island: Temple Kong Run is here to take you on an unforgettable monkey flight! Enter the wild monkey world and run like hell in the latest Banana Island platform running game!

Never-ending parkour temple quest!
Most stunning level design ever seen in platform games!
Eye-popping cartoon characters!
Angry monkey enemies!
Run, jump and swing on vines to collect coins!
Buy additional lives and enjoy in endless free run!
Power Jump - Tap to jump, Tap & Hold for an extra long jump!
Mega Glide - When in air, Tap & Hold to glide through the clouds!
Super Drop - When in air, slide down to drop faster and kill baboon enemies around you!

Dash through the wilderness of Temple Island, dodge spikes and other deadly obstacles and perform an insane monkey attack to smash angry baboon enemies! You'll have hours of fun on the joyride through monkey island in this ultra fun parkour adventure!

Get ready to get hooked on the most addicting monkey runner game! Go on an epic jungle journey with our ape friend Bobo and get addicted to this awesome monkey running game for kids! If your little ones love to play jumping games and you're looking for platform jumping arcade for kids, “Banana Island”: Temple Kong Run is the perfect free endless runner for you!

You've already played all of the collect and run games with old grannies, zombies, and other monsters on their races through temples, subways, and villages? This cool 2D side scroller banana run will take you on an unforgettable adventure quest! Prove you're an ultimate monkey ninja, run, jump, smash & dash through Temple Island, swing on vines and get caught into banana frenzy that's raging all over the world!

Banana jungle hides many enemies with powerful weapons, jetpack powerups and other upgrades! Fight angry baboons and gorillas, swing on vines and fly like a bird through the clouds, dodge obstacles, enter the jungle survival and beat'em up in this mega jump n run quest! So, if you're looking for banana rush monkey games, Banana Island: Temple Kong Run is the best side scrolling running game that will take you on a fun run through the crazy monkey village!

Run monkey, run! Blast evil baboons and gorillas, and help our little monkey go happy! Make Bobo the monkey swing on vines and blast his enemies in this epic jungle monkey saga! Download Banana Island: Temple Kong Run and all other action and arcade games for kids will become dull and boring!

Download Link : Link

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Hack Running Race game

Running Race

Hack Running Race game
Runnings Race is Track and field sport which combines various athletic contests based on the skills of running, jumping. You can chose the player you want to be and run and jump the hurdles to reach the end and win.

Running Race is like Championship game where everyone from world is competing. You can chose your favorite country for the race. Run against other countries and win gold for your country.

Best Trace and Field Racing Game for Athlete in you.

Download Link : Link

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Ninja Fishing unlimted resources

Ninja Fishing

Ninja Fishing unlimted resources
The #1 fishing hit game is now available on Android! Join over 16 MILLION Ninja Fishing players for FREE!

★ Featured by Google as Staff Picks! ★

★ "Higher than Angry Birds! An instantly addictive game." - WIRED
★ "A perfect example of what I love about mobile games." - IGN
★ "It’s insanely-addicting." - Gamepro
★ "Takes that Fruit Ninja concept and then profoundly expands on it." - Gamezebo

Otoro, a fitness challenged ninja, might not be the best fighter, but he sure has mad skills when it comes to fishing!

Cast your hook as deep as possible into the ocean, then use the tilt controls to reel back as many fish as you can. Finally, use the katana-powered touch technology to slice the scaly fish right out of the sky for maximum gold profit (watch out for the Dynamites).

✔ Super addictive FISH & SLASH gameplay!
✔ Master both tilt & touch controls to perfection.
✔ Over *130* fish species to collect.
✔ Earn GOLD to buy lots of super upgrades like katanas, boats, fishing guides & more.
✔ Collect over 80 RARE TREASURES!
✔ Construct cool buildings in the NINJA VILLAGE
✔ Go fishing in 6 ISLANDS (+ more coming soon)
✔ Hunt rare Elemental DRAGONS!
✔ Find TREASURE CHESTS with goodies.
✔ Super-sharp HD graphics.
✔ Achievements & Leaderboards for Google Play!

We're working on more free updates, please support us and tell all your friends about Ninja Fishing!

Like us on Facebook to get a sneak peek of the next updates:

Follow us on Twitter:

Download Link : Link

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Cheats Drive Super Train Simulator

Drive Super Train Simulator

Cheats Drive Super Train Simulator
Drive Super Train simulator is one of the best adventurous game and to enjoy the different features of the train simulation. Fun for everyone and those who love to drive train or journey on train. As you know that railway and trains have one of great inventions in the history of world and this mankind for the transportation of goods and people.
While playing ‘Drive Super Train Simulator’ your train driving skills will be tested throughout the complete railway track which is long and zig zag. Pick up the passengers and freight from stations and drop them other stations.
Control the train perfectly on smooth track having realistic environment along track
Like on facebook:
Game Features:
. Addictive gameplay
. 3D realistic train having real control
. Different train camera views and angels
. Pick up and drop passengers or cargo
. Day and night mode of environment
. Alarm system to alert the passengers on the stations
. People entering or leaving the train
. Different places stations, mountains and desert
. Different weather conditions to enjoy
. Completely free game
. Challenging track

Download Link : Link

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Friday, September 30, 2016

Download Princess Makeover: True Love Apk Download

Princess Makeover: True Love

Download Princess Makeover: True Love Apk Download
Love can be a complicated story, can't it? Princess First Kiss is a charming adventure, makeup and beauty dress up game that puts you inside the magical fairy palace to witness a love story for different princesses looking for their prince. Help them dress and put on makeup for ten story levels, making sure they look like fairy princesses so they can find their prince charming in the palace. They only have one chance to look their best, don't let these fairy princesses down!

Every princess in the palace wants to find a handsome prince to marry. Help these girls live out their fairytale story by dressing them in beautiful makeup, dresses, shoes and hairstyles. Give them an amazing makeover from head to toe, then guide them through the palace to their prince charming. Sometimes strange obstacles get in their way, like a funny horse who needs a bath, but don't let that stop them from finding true love!

- Dress up different princesses so they can find their prince.
- Choose hairstyles, jewelry, dresses and accessories.
- Make the princesses look like a beauty for the party.
- Overcome different obstacles to make sure they find true love.

How to Play:
- Bring each princess into your beauty salon.
- Design a hairstyle, makeup and outfits for her to wear.
- Guide her through the palace to her prince charming.

Want to know more about us?

Come join our Facebook:

Get us on Twitter:

Come see our website!

Download Link : Link

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Download Top Farm Apk Download

Top Farm

Download Top Farm Apk Download
Build the land you’ve always wanted. Make it your own. Invite your dearest friends and help it grow! This is a very special adventure from Halfbrick, the creators of Fruit Ninja!

Your story awaits in Top Farm, a place away from the noise and stress of modern life. Here you can explore the peace and prosperity of a land in tune with nature, experience the thrill of an honest day’s work, and meet new friends who share in every celebration.

With just a touch of magic around every corner, Top Farm offers surprises, adventure and the satisfaction only found in a place of your very own.

- Grow and harvest the most delicious organic crops
- Complete tasks using planes, trains and automobiles
- Meet a huge cast of lovable characters
- Invite friends and visit their farms
- Power your crafting machines with 100% clean energy
- Build, decorate and expand your farm
- Sign in with Facebook to save your progress across multiple devices


This game contains optional in-app purchases. You can disable this feature in the settings menu of your device.

View our privacy policy at
View our terms of service at

Download Link : Link

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Slot Machine Multi Payline unlimted resources

Slot Machine Multi Payline

Slot Machine Multi Payline unlimted resources
This is multi payline slot machine lets you carry the experience of casino in your phone with an easy to use interface.It is a 3-reel, 5 pay line Slot Machine. The virtual reel has 64 slots for symbols.User can select payline(s) of choice by pressing payline button.User interface is just like a real slot machine, so press SPIN button and have fun.

Here are main features of the slot-
+ Supports shake feature, shake device to SPIN
+ Up to 5 pay lines supported
+ Two bonus games give player chance to win up to 5X
+ Heyzap social gaming platform is integrated
+ Two challenges 50 spin and 20 spin supported, players can challenge each other using heyzap.
+ 3 different leaderboards (Rich list, jackpot hitters and sevens hits) supported
+ Scores can be restored after reinstall

Higher bets allowed once credits increases to 10000, 100000 and 1000000.

Latest version is integrated with Heyzap.Now players can see their rank globally and among friends. Also players can challenge each other. The winnings from challege mode is added to regular CREDITS after challenge is over.

For any improvement suggestions write to us at

Download Link : Link

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Cheats Connect Bubbles

Connect Bubbles

Cheats Connect Bubbles
Play a captivating game of bubble busting. Connect bubbles by swapping the screen to make them disappear. Form groups of three or more of neighboring same-color bubbles to bust them. The bigger the group the bigger the score you obtain. Download and play now!

★ ★ ★ FEATURES ★ ★ ★

✓ 50 challenging levels
✓ intuitive interface
✓ daily/monthly/all time highscores

★ ★ ★ TIPS ★ ★ ★

✓ Tap the screen and swap a continuous group of same-color bubbles.
✓ Release the drag to make the bubble burst and earn points.
✓ You win 10 points for each bubble burst and additional points if you burst more than 3 bubbles.
✓ The first bubble swap starts the game timer.
✓ The first number in the info-bar expresses the number of bubbles burst.
✓ The second number in the info-bar expresses the number of bubbles to be burst for passing to the next level.
✓ You can restart the game by pressing -New Game- in the main menu.
✓ You can pause the game by entering the main menu.
✓ You can turn the sound or music on or off from the main menu.

★ Support and Feedback
If you have any technical problems please email us directly at Please, don’t leave support problems in our comments – we don’t check those regularly and it will take longer to fix any issues that you might encounter. Thank you for your understanding!

Already a fan of Connect Bubbles? Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for the latest news:

Download Link : Link

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Hack Circle game


Hack Circle game
Make the circle jump and avoid hitting the line!

What is your best score?

Download Link : Link

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Hack Face projector simulator game

Face projector simulator

Hack Face projector simulator game
Projector person - simulator projection hologram face of the cell phone to the sky on a cloud! HD projector, projected images and 3D holograms - believe that advances in technology will soon allow it to equip each phone? We would like to see the face of the sky, and the whole town to admire your portrait? Imagine how it will work out of the camera view on your phone today! The simulator simulates the operation of a video projector using a flash phone
The camera phone on the screen defines a person saves the photo, the flash is activated and the screen gives the impression that the picture is projected on any surface!
ATTENTION! Phone is not the real image projector and 3D holograms! The projector only person feigns the work of the HD projector, showing the photo on the phone screen. The camera phone flash and only mimic the performance of the projector for a more realistic way! Raffle friends, showing them the simulator, and said that can project a picture of his face to the sky as the famous superhero!

Download Link : Link

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Cheats Just Dance Now

Just Dance Now

Cheats Just Dance Now
JUST DANCE, the world’s #1 dance game is NOW on your smartphone!
The track list is constantly evolving, as new hits are regularly added!
Use your smartphone as a controller, connect to any Internet-connected screen & Just Dance with as many people as you want! (1)

Featuring over 200 hits, including 42 tracks from the latest JUST DANCE 2016 game!

Animals – Martin Garrix
Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix) - OMI
Gangnam Style - PSY
Hey Mama - David Guetta Ft. Nicki Minaj, Afrojack and Bebe Rexha
Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson Ft. Bruno Mars

…AND MANY MORE TO DISCOVER IN JUST DANCE NOW! Check out the new tracks added regularly!

• Simply launch the Just Dance app on your smartphone.
• Go to on a connected screen (it can be your tablet)
• Follow the on-screen instructions to link your app, hold your smartphone in your right hand and follow the dancers on screen!
• No limit to the number of players!
• Never dance alone : play with your friends and family or other Just Dance Now players!
• Challenge friends with the “VS” feature!
• Customize your “Favorite” Playlists with your preferred songs
• Get XP points and level-up to unlock coins & avatars!
• Access your personal stats and friends’ performances at any time! You can even share yours.

You have several options to enjoy JUST DANCE NOW:

1) Watch 30-seconds previews and try out a SELECTION OF SONGS from the Just Dance Now catalogue FOR FREE! (2)

2) Or unlock your favorite songs and dance to them as many times as you want! Visit the Just Dance Now Shop on your smartphone, to buy coins and use them to get full access to your beloved hits!
- Unlimited access to your purchased songs
- Invite all of your friends to join your dance for free

- Enjoy unlimited access to the entire catalog of songs, host an unlimited number of dance sessions and invite all of your friends to join you for free, within the duration of your subscription.
- No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period
- You can read our privacy policy at
(1) Internet connection required
(2) The free section of the game includes video advertisements before the free song starts.
(3) Prices are susceptible to change at any time but products will be charged based on the rates in effect at the time of confirmation of the order.
A premium pass lets you access all the songs without ads.

While the game will work great with any connection, we recommend connecting with Wi-Fi or 3G for the best experience.

Download Link : Link

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Download Gunner Battle City Apk Download

Gunner Battle City

Download Gunner Battle City Apk Download
Gunners Battle City

The famous Gunner is in the town to cheer the terrorized citizens

It’s a free gunner game about criminal domination in the city and reputation for lawlessness! Your duty will be to perform a secret operation and destroy their stronghold. It’s not a piece of candy; it’s not a war of small weapons anymore! Terrorist are equipped with the weapon of modern era and will be ready to crush you. They are roaming around in the Humvees, surveillance of their strong hold is on apache helicopters, Rpg , AK47 are the standard weapons they have and skilled in counter attacks.

It’s a new + updated idea game. The gangsters are dominating over the city and the law. They openly demonstrate their superiority over the law and their criminal skills is way above anything it’s a wicked gangster game and you need to show your anti criminal skills and prove that you are the boss of town. The underworld gangs are very well organized, you need to become a part of them in order to break them. You will get the tanks to ride and will give you the chance to storm into the stronghold of criminals.

Unlimited criminal tasks would keep you on your toes. Neutralize the no go areas and clear it for terrorized innocent public.

Feature of Gunner Battle City

Unlimited challenging battle missions
Real Crime city 3d environment
Best sound effects
Superior Gunner gun
Drive the battle tank
Use the RPG to shot down battle helicopters
Cool animations

PS. We work hard to ensure that our games run properly on every major android phone and tablet. If however you encounter any issue which doesn't let you enjoy our games, please report it to

Download Link : Link

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Cheats Can Knockdown

Can Knockdown

Cheats Can Knockdown
Yes we can! Or should we say: yes we can... knock the can! Check out the most addictive and 100% FREE game on Android Market and become a cold blood sniper while aiming at and knocking down piles and pyramids of cans! Start playing and you just won't put down this marvelous title till you drain your battery empty!

If you like this game, please also try Can Knockdown 2! It has more levels, more game modes and even more fun!

Important notice:
If you see the game lagging, please continue playing. It should get smoother as you replay the same level again.

Download Link : Link

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Download Criminal Russia 3D.Gangsta way Apk Download

Criminal Russia 3D.Gangsta way

Download Criminal Russia 3D.Gangsta way Apk Download
Criminal Russia 3D. Gangsta way is the best simulator of criminal life in harsh Russia!

Our hero is Boris named Razor - common russian guy with who have no money and a lot of thirst for adventure. He couldn't find any work (due to economic crisis and low oil prices), so he is breaking bad and started to work for Godfather of russian mafia. So he becomes the best car theft.

Criminal Russia 3D. Gangsta way is a unique game with realistic physics and perfect 3D graphics with a real-time control system in open world.

- Third person gameplay: car stealing, man shooting and driving are all for you, with the most powerful 3D engine
- Uncutted adventure: real russian city with racing, fighting, car dropping, motocycle challenges, traffic race and even tram and bus races
- Authentic russian locations with local sights: cities and villages
- One and only traffic system with our own AI algorithm
- Different controller types: arrows, accelerometer and steering wheel
- Well detailed graphic from real cars and places
- Unique public transport system
- Endless space for police actions: hit and run, car stealing, police firefight and even more
- Exciting plot: unexpected twists, freedom of choice and rich rewards with money and guns. Walk the path from the courier to the head of a mafia family
- Shopping and styling. Choose your outfit from more that ten modern catalogs
- Special stores: unique weapons and armory
- Real-time level-ups and talent improvements
- A huge number of jobs and professions: from taxi driver to professional assassin
- Comprehensive car tuning: colors, spares, drives and every part you can imagine
- Totaly open world - only you choose what to do

Go on! Help Boris to become the Godfather of Russian Mafia and car thieves king! Criminal Russia 3D. Gangsta way is your choice!

Download Link : Link

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Cheats Wash Pets - kids games

Wash Pets - kids games

Cheats Wash Pets - kids games
After a whole day exciting play, all those little fluffy and cute puppies and cats are so dirty! Do you want to hold those little messy pets? No? How about let’s take a bath for those little pets to make them looks pretty again? Make the pet show its best with a lot of option available in the game. Now enjoy the fun free game!

- Pet Spa Care
- Pet Vet Doctor Care:X-ray,Virus killer,Medical treatment
- Pet Dress-up: with dozens of awesome items!HAT,NECK,CLOTHES,GLASSES,TOYS,NECKLET.
- Brush Pets teeth
- Pets Nail Spa
- Many different Puppies and Cats in various clothes

Have fun with exciting mini games and earn coins to buy items and food for your Pet!
- The Special One: Please find out the special one as quickly as possible
- Match The Cards:Please find out all the matching cards.
- Sort The Tools:Please put the tools into the correct boxes as quickly as possible.
- Hit it!:Tap it when it appears.
- Jump Now:Please turn your device to make it jump and collect tools.
- Flying Bird:Please tap the screen to make the bird fly as far as possible!
- Fishing:Tap the screen to collect lots of fish.
- Arkanoid:Bounce the ball to destroy all the colored blocks by controlling the movement of the board.

Wash Pets is the perfect game for children. It includes educational mini games with positive affirmation to develop children’s counting, memory, reasoning, reflexes, coordination and motor skills. It focuses on making your child learn by playing. Every activity involves a different set of skills making it a complete educational experience.

This game is ALL FREE to play!

Download Link : Link

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Cheats Jelly Blast-Candy Trip

Jelly Blast-Candy Trip

Cheats Jelly Blast-Candy Trip
The most popular match-3 game from Clean Master! Such a delicious Jelly Feast!
Join Lily, Mr. Hare & Mr. Rabbit on their sweet adventure through the Candy Kingdom. Travel through magical lands, visiting wondrous candy palace and meeting deliciously cookie characters! Switch and match your way through hundreds of levels in this delicious puzzle adventure. The sweetest game just keeps getting sweeter!
Jelly Blast is completely free to play but some in-game items such as extra moves or lives.
Jelly Blast-Delicious Candy Trip features:
● Collect candy drops to advance along the candy track for special surprises!
● Tasty candy graphics that will leave you hungry for more
● Unwrap delicious environments and sweetest gameplay in the wonderland
● Helpful magical boosters to help with challenging levels
● Complete adventurous levels and unlock treats
● Easy and fun to play, challenging to master
● Hundreds of sweet levels in the Candy Kingdom - more added every month!
● Leaderboards to watch your friends and competitors!
● Easily sync the game between devices and unlock full game features when connected to the Internet
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Last but not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has played Jelly Blast! 

We hope you’re having fun playing Jelly Blast! We update the game every month so don't forget to download the latest version to get all the sweet new features and levels!
New to the game? Don’t be shy, join the fun!
Coming back after a break? About time!
Let’s play!

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Cheats Two Dots

Two Dots

Cheats Two Dots
From the makers of Dots

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Unlock Box Game Hacks and cheats

Unlock Box Game

Unlock Box Game Hacks and cheats
Unlock Box Game is a simple and addictive puzzle game. The goal is to get the red block out of the board by sliding the other blocks out of the way. Push Box comes with 4

difficult levels ranging from Beginner to Expert. There are 80 puzzles in total, worth hundred hours of playing to keep you challenged.
You can challenge a simple, after knowing how to play, and then playing difficult. Remember to use the less number of steps, the higher your score, preferably no more than

one step to complete customs clearance, it depends on your level of intelligence, especially suitable for students of intellectual development, which is why we aim to make

this game . Tell your friends recommend it!
* 4 difficult levels ranging from Beginner to Expert
* 80 puzzles in total for you to enjoy
* Unlock the achievements
* Hours of enjoy for FREE!
Please note that our ranking system is nearing completion, will design more levels!

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